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2015 - ICCA AGM Details:

AGM Date: 29 May 2015
Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Off Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AZ
Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm (registration 7:30pm)
Nominations: closing date/time, 20 May 2015/6:00pm
Objections to nominations (if any): closing date/time, 27 May 2015/6:00pm
ICCA Secretary Contact: Mrs Nandiniben Ladwa, by post (23 Tiverton Way, Cambridge, CB1 3TU) or by email (nice_simple @hotmail.co.uk)

Nomination form to become a Trustee of ICCA can be downloaded here (TRUSTEE NOMINATION FORM)



  1. Nominations for Trustees are sought for the position of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Buildings and Events lead;
  2. All nominations for specific role of Trustees must be submitted to theICCA Secretary, by post or email no later thanclosing date/time as above, using official nomination form downloaded from above link;
  3. The names of all nominations received will be informed to all members by 6:00pm day after nomination closing date.
  4. Any objections to the nominations must be raised in writing to theICCA Secretary, by post or by email, no later than closing date/time as above.
  5. We request that the nomination forms are completed electronically for ease of readability, if hand written they must be competed in BLOCK CAPITALS, black ink;
  6. The Board will contact all nominees and nominators to confirm nominations;
  7. The minimum number of Trustees are three, and maximum number is five;
  8. Those that cannot be present but wish to submit their nominations may do so but must avail themselves to be contacted by the board before AGM;
  9. There is no provision in the Constitution to take nominations from the floor thus anyone wishing to be a Trustee must apply in advance as per procedure outlined above;



  1. Definition of ICCA member who is eligible to vote at AGM is:
    1. Anyone currently holding “Individual” membership 2014-2015
    2. Any New member who has joined ICCA in 2015-2016 (at least 35 days before the AGM);
  2. Definition of ICCA member who is eligible to stand as Trustee at AGM:
    1. Anyone currently holding “Individual” current 2015-2016 membership
    2. Any New member who has joined ICCA in 2015-2016 (at least 35 days before the AGM);
    3. Must meet legal and other requirements as per Charity Commission law;